Finance Committee

A. Duties: The Finance Committee works with the Library Director to develop a fiscally responsible and innovative budget that takes into account changes in Library programming, material and facility needs. The Finance Committee regularly reviews financial reports, comparing budgeted to actual results, with the Director, as well as other issues related to the Library’s financial planning that the Director deems relevant. Examples of these matters include payroll services, accounts payable, revenue and cash management, and audits. The Finance Committee works with the Director to develop and review policies that are related to financial matters. The Finance Committee also has responsibilities involving building maintenance and development. The Committee, along with the Director will advise the Board on contracting for building systems maintenance and repair. It will review and advise building improvement plans and advise the full board on suggested improvements.  

B. Board Members:

  • Judeen Bartos, Chair
  • Kevin Yezbick 
Personnel Committee

A. Duties: The Personnel Committee prepares the annual performance evaluation of the Library Director, works with the Director in drafting and recommending to the board personnel policies & procedures, and addresses other personnel issues as presented to the committee by the board, staff and/or the Director.

B. Members:

  • Adrienne Gilmore, Chair
  • Judeen Bartos
  • Community Members: No member of the public may serve on this committee.
Art & Exhibitions Committee

A. Duties: The purpose of the committee is to foster art appreciation at the library by: acquiring art for the library’s permanent collection; acquiring art on long- or short-term loan; organizing rotating exhibitions of art at the library; arranging artist lectures at the library; acquiring art reference materials such as books for the lending collection; and other such activities the committee, board of trustees, and library director deem appropriate. The committee may conduct fundraising efforts to further its work.

B. Board Members:

  • Daniel Hooper, Chair
  • Library Staff: Jeff Milo
  • Community Members: Linden Harnish, Eileen Toro
Equity Diversity and Inclusion Committee (EDI)  New committee – (9/2020)

A. Duties: The purpose of the committee is to examine library policies and procedures and propose recommendations to strengthen library practice around issues of equity, diversity and inclusion. The committee will network with local and national entities to achieve the goals listed below.

  • Develop and recommend policy statement to be adopted by the FADL Board
  • Evaluate and recommend changes to library policies and procedures to ensure alignment with principles of equity diversity and inclusion
  • Gather resources and news surrounding EDI practices and activities to present to the board.
  • Report monthly to the full board with actionable items proposed by the PLA and ALA taskforce
  • Network with other Ferndale governmental and community groups
  • Stay apprised of local activities and suggest ways the library can take an active role in our community

B. Committee members: The chair of the committee will be a library board member, with one additional board member if desired. Library staff will be selected for participation and community members will also be solicited to participate. Committee appointments will follow procedures outlined in the FADL Bylaws and Policy manual

NOTE: The president serves as an ex-officio member of all committees. Any board member may attend any committee meeting, as long as doing so forms no quorum of board members.